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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Junto Presidential Endorsement

It's a political meme of the ages: 'This is the most important election in your lifetime.' Guess what? This time it's true.

What with John McCain's failed ideas (no need to recite them here), eight ruinous years of W, and the potential of a stewardess (with a prop baby) as President if McCain's cancer returns, well, you get the idea.

As important, BARACK OBAMA is the most exciting, progressive candidate in my voting lifetime. (I didn't actually vote for JFK, but I would have). Obama has the potential to restore big ideas to an America which is now unbelievably lagging behind Norway in quality of life. Thanks, Norway for showing the way!

There have been few other Democrats in my voting era who have had this potential.

Sure, TRUMAN was a populist, and he had that little quirk of wanting to kick the butt of anyone who spoke ill of daughter Margaret. But he was damn-all qualified. STEVENSON? Actually, Eisenhower was better. McGOVERN? Boring, but right about the Vietnam War. CARTER? Plueeze! Peel a peanut. DUKAKIS? Mr Management, bringing a screw-driver to the job that needed a sledge-hammer. CLINTON? Since you've been buying suits on Savile Row, you're even slicker, Willy. Go away and polish your shoes! GORE? Where was the 'new' Gore when we needed him? KERRY? Get a wind-sailer. He'd make us all speak French, for God's sake.

I like smart. I like elite. In the tradition of FDR, vote Obama!