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Monday, 4 August 2008

Free Display Ads at 'The Shop'

'The Shop' Offers Display Free Advertisements to All

Whatever it is that you want to sell, seek, barter, or buy, list the item here for free! This includes one free image, as well.

Just e-mail your ad to Writers.Clearinghouse@comcast.net (with one photo attachment, if you wish), and we'll post your ad, up to 100 words, to Junto for one month free!

Additional images are $5.00 each. Additional text is $5.00 for an extra 100 words (maximum). If you wish to run your ad for more than one month, a charge of $5.00 for each additional month will apply.

There is no limit to how many ads you can submit. There are no restrictions on who may advertise. However, publication of all ads are subject to the approval of the publisher, and may be edited to meet advertising standards. Please, no adult personals, nor any ads that might offend the publisher. If in doubt, contact Richard Carreno via Writers.Clearinghouse@comcast.net, or at +(00)1:267.253.1086. The publisher has final say-so in all matters regarding advertising, free, paid, or otherwise.

Ads are spaced between editorial content, with no more than one between each post.

Free classified advertising is also available. See column at far right for details. In addition, premium space in our masthead is available at monthly rates. (Please enquire for details).

All cheques are payable to Writers Clearinghouse. Mailing instructions will be forwarded upon acceptance.

Disclaimer: Junto and Writers Clearinghouse do not warrant the accuracy or integrity of the products, services, providers, or advertisers to this website. All transactions are strictly between the two parties involved in such transactions, and Junto and Writers Clearinghouse, as third parties, shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from such transactions.