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Friday, 11 July 2008

Dining Out: Philadelphia

Restaurant Review: Le Bec Fin
Food TypeFrench
Food rating3/10 (More information)
Address1523 Walnut Street (between 15th & 16th Streets),
Philadelphia, PA
Phone Number+1 (215) 567-1000
Last VisitedMay 1994
My Review

This features a seriously over the top dining room that looks like an attempt at a room from Versailles. If only the same attention went into the service and cooking. I did have a good dessert here but the rest of the meal was very ordinary, and I was served by someone who looked and behaved like he was on the run from the law. Deeply overrated and very expensive.

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11/07/2008 - Richard Carreño (United States of America)
Philadelphia::11 July 2008 Andy nailed this place perfectly! It is inhabited by overstuffed octogenarians, seemingly on leave from a visiting dental convention. Over-the-top, I say! The dining room is some kind of nightmare vision that could have been concocted by Randolph Hearst, and you know what kind of tastemaker he was. A year or two ago, I ate at little place near Deauville, also called Le Bec Fin. (That was the reason I showed up). Skip Philly. Head directly to Deauville. Cheers, Richard