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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Big Bagel: 22 IV 08

Richard's Play Date
9:18 AM: Arrive Penn Station, New York from Philadelphia
10 AM: New York Times Co. shareholder's meeting. Later, en route to next venue, walk by Overseas Press Club. Pass.

11:25 AM: Mechanic Institute Library, 43rd Street, off Fifth. (Drop in at Coffee House Club, 6th floor of same building)

12:28 PM: Coffee at corner spot, 77th and Lexington

1:07 PM: The New York Society Library (Founded 1754), 53 East 79th Street

2:08 PM: Cafe Carlyle/Bemelmans Bar, 76th and Madison. Nostalgia trip as youff with Dad

2:32 PM: Kenneth W. Rendell Gallery, across the street. Any relation to Eddie Rendell? Why is administrative office in Natick, Massachusetts?

2:46 PM: Ralph Lauren, 69th at Madison

2:47 PM: French Institute/Alliance Francaise, 60th, near Madison. Photographic exhibit: 'Les Manifs' May 1968

3:45 PM: Sherry wine merchants at 59th and Park Avenue

4: 20 PM: The Williams Club, 24 East 39th Street, at Madison.

4:46: Morgan Library, nearby on Madison

5:10 PM: Penn Station. Depart to Philadelphia