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Thursday, 20 March 2008

For the Record


Why 'Junto'?
The blog was named after Benjamin Franklin's coffee-house group, also named Junto. Junto is Spanish for 'together,' and this was what Dr. Franklin's gathering was all about. Not to be confused with junta, another Spanish word meaning 'board,' or 'committee,' and, in English, often meaning a military group in a power grab.

How is it pronounced?

How often is the blog distributed?
Like all blogs, Junto is always on-line. Readers who have book-marked the site can readily access it anytime. What is distributed is a monthly e-mail alert that goes to all subscribers, noting new updates and posts.

How many subscribers are there?
This figure is pretty steady at about 500 worldwide. Anyone can sign up. Subscriptions are free. It's a good way of staying in touch. We have no way of knowing how many 'independent' readers we have.

How often is Junto updated.
That varies. Sometimes daily. More likely, weekly.

Where is Junto edited?

Is Junto inter-active?
Sure. Comments are always welcome. So are contributions. Just query the Editor first.

Who is Ralph Carreño?
He's the late father of Richard Carreño, Junto's Editor. The blog is dedicated to Ralph Carreño's memory.

Why is Junto 'twinned' with the John O'Hara Society?
Because the software of our blog service, blogspot.com, requires that 'About Us' details be shared with all blogs commonly edited. Richard Carreño, Junto's Editor, is also the O'Hara Society's corresponding secretary.

What is @philabooks+booksellers?
It's an on-line bookseller. Richard Carreño is a partner in that venture.

OK. Why does Carreño have a squiggly thing over the 'n' in his surname?
It's a Spanish accent mark, know as a 'tilda.' It's accurately a separate letter in the Spanish alphabet and prononuced with a 'y' sound. Carreño's hertiage is Spanish, by way of Cuba. In Spanish, 'Carreño' is pronounced, 'CAH-WRREN-YO.' But he'll answer to almost anything.

What's the 'Lit'ry Life'?
Pretty much anything the Editor says it is.