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Thursday, 20 March 2008

For the Record

About Us Richard Carreño/Junto Photo

Junto, founded in 2001, is a Philadelphia-based cultural blog that emphasises reporting and comment on books, authors, cinema, fashion, architecture, fine arts, transportation, travel, and other like topics. We call this, 'The Lit'ry Life.'

Richard Carreño, the blog's Editor, is a journalist and educator. His reporting has appeared in numerous publications in the United States and in Britain. His many teaching assignments have included university posts in New England, Philadelphia, and in London. He lives in Philadelphia.

Junto is dedicated to the memory of Ralph J. Carreño, Richard's father who, as a widely-travelled architectural critic and independent scholar, shaped the blog's editorial focus. Ralph Carreño died in 2001.

Junto is a subsidiary of Writers Clearinghouse, a publishing, editing, and writing network, founded in 1978 in Connecticut. Richard Carreño is the Clearinghouse's editorial director.

Nothing published in Junto -- other than that which copyright ownership has reverted to the appropriate party --may be reproduced in any media without the permission of the Editor. Junto makes every effort to correct errors of fact. The Editor welcomes notice.

All advertising, solicited by Writers Clearinghouse, is subject to prior approval and may be rejected for any reason.

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