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Sunday, 2 March 2008


Pick Your Hero

Philadelphia:-- Family Hero (Le Heros de la Famille), director Thierry Klifa's second film, released in 2006, debuted in Phildadelphia last night, thanks to the production team at the Jewish Film Festival at the Gershman Y. The picture was introduced by France's biggest promoter, champion, and cheer-leader in the United States, Daniele Thomas Easton, director of France-Philadelphie and former honorary consul of France in Philadelphia.

Catherine Deneuve (botoxed, but looking good), Claude Brasseur, Miou-Miou (so that's who she is), Gerard Lanvin, Emmanuelle Beart (big lips, bigger butt), and Valerie Lemercier (sorry, but is that back tatto for real?) round out a cast about an assimilated Jewish pied-noir family in Nice, who inherit a cabaret owned by the family's patriarch.

As they lick their ancient wounds, the generations discover that they never really new their parents (one father, two mothers), old lovers, children, or friends.

A small film with a big, universal theme.