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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Hinto: It's Stinko

Tinto is in the Red

Our Dining Out Correspondent, Philadelphia, reports:

Went to Tinto for dinner Saturday.

Our party had a good time, but what a rip off! I don't think we will
be back. I knew about the small plates and the hype. But to my
surprise, I don't think that the food was all that good.

Most plates were much too salty for one thing. I had gone to Amada last year, and I
thought that it was excellent. So there you go....

I think that one of the problems for Tinto is that the chef [Jose Garces] is AWOL. That's what
happens when you become famous and want to expand. Can't be in
several places at the same time. I hear he is opening something in New York City.

(Tinto, 114 South 20th Street at 215.665.9150).