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Saturday, 1 September 2007


Unedited Notes from
Worcester Magazine Website
Bohemian Club: Oasis for the male power elite
Reporter Richard Carreno peeks in the door of the cityâs ãlast bastion of male clubiness,ä glimpsing the likes of civic leader H. Ladd Plumley, banker William C. Ireland, author Kenneth S. Davis, lawyer Paul Revere OâConnell, banker Edward L. Clifford, City Councilor Joseph C. Casdin, lawyer Robert S. Bowditch, power broker Edward C. Maher, and Telegram and Gazette hands Richard C. Steele, Robert Z. Nemeth, Robert C. Achorn and Sidney B. McKeen. 2/5/79
The preppie look is back in force
Men in the city can look forward to ãnarrower neckties, looser-fitting, natural shoulder suits and cuffed trousers breaking casually over tassled loafers,ä according to fashion hound Richard Carreno, while women will be wearing ãmix-and-match culottes, rubberized hunting shoes, Bermuda Shorts, madras jackets, Papagallo flats, knee socks and anything plaid.ä /5/79
Worcesterâs Alan Bilzerian is the proprietor of Moon, ãa citadel of chicä on Highland and West streets. ãJust ask James Taylor or Carly what they think the best store anywhere is,ä boasts Bilzerian. 3/8/79
Shake-up at the T&G
Reporter Richard Carreno interviews T&G Editor Robert Achorn, who has recently installed John Widdison and Diane Benison as his managing editors and Harry Whitin as regional edior. ãThere is something disquietingly Nixonian about Achorn,ä Carreno opines: ãNot his politics (right of center), but his style. Achorn is the kind of guy, like Nixon, who would go to the beach in a coat and necktie.ä 8/23/79