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Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Address to an Admonitory Daughter

By T.R. Bagg

Why is it I am not allowed to smoke?
Does no-one really like to cough and choke?
As narrow-minded as the walls I stain
With my dioxides is their vile campaign
against me and my most destructive kind.
I ought to lose my life: I've lost my mind,
and since that is an easy thing to do,
and fun, at times, then why not poison you?
Since everything is totally absurd
and every cow has hopes to be a bird
and every bird is out to be a flower,
and all of this is quite beyond my power,
then, since I cannot give out life, my breath
will sanction all the attitudes of death.

(T.R. 'Terry' Bagg was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and was educated at Philips-Andover Academy, New York University, and the London School of Economics. His work has appeared in numerous literary publications, including Poetry. He died in Rome soon after this until-now unpublished poem was written in May, 1985).