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Monday, 2 July 2007

Run Tintin

Coin de Tintinophiles:

Memo: It's a Long 'A'

Philadelphia:-- Memo to shop assistant at Barnes & Noble, Rittenhouse Square:
As in:

Me: Do you have any of the Tintin [Tan-tan] adventure series?

Her: Sure do, T-in T-in [ryhmes with that other adventurer, Rin Tin Tin] is in humour?

Me: OK. T-in T-in [no long 'A,' as would be in the French]. But humour?

For more on Tintin, the world's second greatest detective; and Snowy, the world's greatest dog (at least, in a cartoon series), go to Tintin.com.

Tintin and Snowy (original French language names, Tintin et Milou), a journalist and his canine companion, are a pair of adventurers who travel around the world in The Adventures of Tintin, a series of comic books drawn and written by the Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, better known as Hergé. The series is one of the most popular comic book series in Europe, especially in Belgium, France, and Germany.