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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Goofy X-Ray Machine

Actually, It's a 'Fluoroscope'

10 July 2007

I, too, as a youngster, was the repeated victim of that infernal X-ray device. A measuring and fitting instrument, I recall. Still, I reckon it was more Buck Rogers than science.

This was during the 1950's when I was being fitted for shoes over the years at the 'old' Brooks Brothers shop at 346 Madison. I always thought the process was a bit dodgy -- more like a scarey doctor's visit than proper shoe-buying experience.

But my parents insisted. I was moving on up from Buster Brown models, you see. Adios Best & Co. Hola Brooks Brothers. All along, of course, I just wanted my black, high-top Keds.

The odd thing is that I'm sure that generations of we over-60-year-olds must have undergone the X-ray. (There was probably even one at the former Brooks branch here at Chestnut and 15th).

It's amazing we've made it to this age -- given how many minutes were stolen from us by the foot zapper. Let's see, 15 minutes X....

Still, you're the first person -- of any age -- who's ever mentioned the machine, in print or in conversation that I know of. Of course, I've never had ocassion to mention it , either -- though from time to time when I'm in the 'new' Brooks store at 346 Madison, I wander by the corner where used to be located (northeast side of the first floor) wondering about the zapper.

Of course, we've come a long way. For most Americans, getting fitted for ready-made shoes -- in any form or manner -- has become, of course, a quaint notion from the past. Just grab a pair from the rack!

Richard Carreño