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Monday, 23 April 2007

Vote Utile

Royal and Nutter (You decide)

Nutter for Mayor! Sorta

Michael Nutter will make the best next mayor of Philadelphia.

Junto supports him, and urges voters to do the same.

There's a problem, and yesterday's election in France suggests why.

Seven years ago, the French decided to vote their conscience, or, er, prejudices. The result was the Right Wing Le Pen against the nationalist Chirac. Yesterday, it was the vote utile, or the practical vote. In other words, voters decided to cast their votes to the two candidates who would likely best emerge victorious in the the run-off.
There's a similar scenario in Philadelphia.

Nutter is the best candidate. But can he win?

Insiders say no. It's a race, they say, between Chaka Fattah (he of sounding of a Portuguese menu) and Tom 'Hard Knocks' Knox.

Gee, what a choice? Dumb and Dumber. But this is America, so it's also Rich and Richer. Rich black guy. Richer white guy.

The rich black guy, married to a richer TV anchorette, says he's all for the poor.

The richer white guy says he's for the middle class. (As long as they support his gravy train).
Interestingly, the goo-goos, including Goo-Goo-in-Chief Chris Satullo, Inky man-up edit page editor, have it in for Knox. Committee of Seventy and that goo-goo lot are favouring Fattah, I suppose.

Junto supports Nutter. Never mind a vote utile. Vote the best candidate. Le Pen, thank God, isn't on the ballot.

Also, if you can, vote for Royal in the next round, two weeks away. Just an aside, of course.
-- RDC