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Friday, 13 April 2007

Letters to the Editor

I Miss in the Morning

Am I sad to see Don Imus leaving the scene? Not
really. I've seen his show on MSNBC from time to
time, and I've found him and his cohorts to be a
collection of vulgar twits. That goes double for
the suck-up pols and media elitists who populate
his show.
What with his Stetson, his giddy-up dress and
his chewing gum, Imus is nothing more than a
tinhorn cowboy chewing his cud. All that's
missing is a cow and branding iron.
But I am sorry to see him go under these
circumstances. Shouldn't Beanie and his
African-American rapper posse be held to same
offensive speech standard as white celebrities?
That's not the point. Free speech is.
Richard Carreño
Center City
April 12, 2007

(Letter to BroadStreetReview.com, edited by Dan Rottenberg).