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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

RE: The Day After

By Liz Maggio

Salutations one and all--

Ike and I have returned to Virginia, full of wonderful memories of an outstanding get-together that far exceeded my expectations. Over the 35+ years since our Journal days, we've grown into an amicable and intellectually stimulating group of people. I'm sure our Journal experiences helped shape us.

Special thanks to Carol for being there, bringing pictures, and being a really neat person. Kudos to Peter for pulling our evening together and hugs to both Peter and KC for hosting us at their home. And thanks to you John for having touched our lives and for having a hand in our reconnection.

I don't want our gang to wither away. So I've made a note in my brand new 2007 calendar to see if we can get together in the spring. Ike and I live in northern Virginia, part of the "greater DC area," and you all have an open invitation to our home if you're in town.

Ike and I wish each of you a wonderful 2007.