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Sunday, 17 December 2006

The Day After


17 December 2006

Greetings, Friends:--

Yes, it's just the day after.... But I want to capture this before the moment passes.

It was a delight sharing thoughts about John and Journal days --- and, as well, celebrating how well we have weathered lo these many years. slim-waisted and wrinkle-free!

These things can always be dodgy, but we carried it off with aplomb, good cheer, and good conversation. Thank you, again, Peter, for Plan B at Chumley's after the White Horse fell through. Imagine if we had to navigate that rat's nest of streets in the West Village without your good counsel.

Peter and KC, thanks, too, for putting it all together! You're the best!
Liz, great meeting Ike, and you two make a great team. Still have few shirt patches left if you're ever in need.
Carol, many thanks again for photos, and pic! and, yes, I was impressed by yr appetite.
Froma, please enjoy the book. Best wishes to yr Dad.
Don, See you in Philly, I trust. I know it's the wrong way, but it IS just a jog on the R7.
Sonny, Still kicking myself re Joyce Wadler as possible invitee -- though come to think of it, really not sure of her Journal creds. Anyway, say hello.
David, Forever Young!
Ralph, Where the hell were you? Still with the blonde?

To one and all, joy and happiness. And if you're ever in Philly....