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Tuesday, 28 November 2006


Pressed for Time

28 November 2006
I'm not very sympha, as a French say, with whinging by Yank journalists about DEATH of of Ye Olde Americano Newspapers. They brought it upon themselves, being the FREEest Press on the Planet -- with NOTHING to say. Anyway, the reality is that the PRESS has endured many travails, ie., TV. It will prevail, in Version 2006. More like Europe model, I think. National papers. Of course, I was saying that 10 years ago, and most recently, at Reston, VA., when I was an Ottaway Fellow -- when Philly Inky thought it STILL could be a NATIONAL paper. Ha Ha. Then. Ha. Ha HA. now. Except now, they know I WAS right. Anyway good riddance. Long live NYTimes, LATimes (in version 2007), WashPost. Who cares about the rest. Other than those who need/want school lunch menus, of course.The BEST stuff is on the Web. Can you REALLY imagine reading the Watertown Bugle, and its ilk? That was then. This IS Now.

Looking forward to seeing you/you'all nxt month. Sidney Hook is STILL not invited. And Franco makes two.

Cheers, mate,