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Tuesday, 24 October 2006

John's Remembrance Scheduled for NYC

Mark the Date: Saturday 16 Dec. 2006

Friends of John:--
Good news!

John's remembrance dinner will be held, Saturday, 16 December at The Villager Restaurant, 62 West 9th Street at 6th Avenue (+212.505.3355), followed by drinks at the White Horse Tavern, 567 Hudson Street at 11th Street (+212-243.9260). Meeting times will be announced. Meantime, hold that date!

To view details re The Villager and the historic White Horse, click to links above.

Peter will be sending emails to those he knows about so that he can establish a head count. Others should also contact him to get on an updated email list. If you're not sure, write him! (CC, please, to me). Everyone is welcome!

Incidentally, arrangements need to done immediately.

Please write Peter at pfrishauf@yahoo.com, citing your RSVP and the number in your party..

Peter is also arranging prix fixe menu selections. These details also will follow.

For continuing updates -- or to simply spread the word -- stay tuned here. Alternatively, you can always reach me at JuntoEzine@yahoo.co.uk, or at +215.563.6779.