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Friday, 4 August 2006

!Cuba Libre! !Discurso Libre!

Thanks for Writing!

Allison wrote:
You're where? What? When?
I just flew back from Hawaii (and, yes, my arms are tired), and was going to call you and see if you wanted to get together and have lunch sometime soon, but apparently you are busy in CUBA. Having fun RUM DRINKS. Again I ask, "Huh? Wha?" Are you back yet? Drop me a line or ring me when you return.

Karen wrote:
Now that was funny Richard....
Let's talk soon, that is if you can get a line out of Cuba.

Steven wrote:
I'd love to be sitting with you at the cafe on el Maricon, enjoying los Grandes!
My shirt size is "medium." I've always wanted to wear a Quayaberas.
If you reclaim the family land, would you relocate to Cuba? I hope so. It could be a great adventure!
Viva Cuba! Viva Habana!

Deedee wrote:

Diane wrote:

You are too clever! Enjoyed your e-mail a great deal and know you will certainly do "the right thing."

Jonathan wrote:

See you all in Havana!

Ron wrote:
Do you mean Maricon or Malecon?

Throws an interesting curve in the story....

Abigail wrote:

I'm assuming this is all joke and that you are not in Cuba...

John wrote:
Good stuff--- you are outta control....