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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Education Notes

Back to School : 2004

Covington, LA:--
9 September

Gloria says, 'I'm not listening to this shit. I ain't listening to you.'

10 September

'My father is a professional boxer,' says Daisy. 'And he will box your head.' She adds, 'Meester, is you Chinese or is you Puerto Rican?'

15 September
'I ain't taking this dumb-ass, stupid, ignorant shit,' Daisy says of today's lesson. 'I'm fucking angry.'

22 September
'I ain't taking this shit,' says Jose. Is a pattern of discussion developing?

24 September
'This school was made for playing games,' says Joito.

It's not time to use computer, I inform Noel. 'It's not your fuckin' computer. I'll have my brother come up here and hurt you,' he responds.

28 September
'Hey, Meester, where's my book?'

Hey, Meester, where's my outline?'

29 September
'Meester, I can't stand you, you know!' Oh, well.

4 October
I want you to brush your teeth, and then I'll sit down.'

18 October
'I'm tired of hearing my God-damned, fuckin' name.'

'Shut the fuck up.'

19 October
'Get out of my face!'

20 October
Pedro responds, 'I'll punch your fuckin' face!'

3 November
Gilbert fills rubber glove with water.

Kevin plays ball.

Spelling quizz postponed.

5 November
Jerrell responds, 'Fuckin' shit-head pussy!'

'You're a dumb ass. You're retarded. You're slow.'

29 November
Charlie screams at me, 'You nigger! You nigger!'

12 January
'Fuck this shit!'

29 March
'Shut the fuck up!' when lesson is announced.