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Wednesday, 26 July 2006


Justin Celebrates 28th

New Orleans:--
Thanks to R.W. 'Johnny' Apple's 'At Lunch' piece in The Times (10 May), I learned about Galatoire's Restaurant (http://www.galatoires.com/) on Bourbon Street here.

Galatoire's, says Apple, is 'the beloved watering hole of generations of New Orleans movers and shakers. The dinner-jacketed waiters, some as old as the restaurant itself [sic], which was founded in 1905, scuttle across the black-and-white title floor bearing thick crockery plates of shrimp remoulade. crab meat maison and snapper amandine.'

And, thus, we -- being that is Justin, his friend Alison ('Allie'), and I -- descended on the restaurant last night in celebration of Justin's 28th birthday yesterday (25 July).

Justin and I had scoped out the restaurant over the weekend, meeting the maitre d'hotel. I guess something worked. Last night, we were ushered in toute de suite. Wonderful time!

Later, we topped off the evening with drinks at a lounge at the local W Hotel.