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Saturday, 10 June 2006

Puerto Carreño

Paul Theroux and Puerto Carreño, Colombia.

Puerto Carreño

There it was -- on page 288 of the 1966 paper edition [Houghlin Mifflin Company] of My Other Life by Paul Theroux. Puerto Carreño. Whoa! 'Then down the Rio Meta, to Puerto Carreño, in a canoe.' This was part of a dialog between the Theroux character and a travel writer, who was interviewing him/the character. Great insight -- typical of Theroux -- of relationship between interviewer and interviewee. Get it. Read it.

As far as Puerto Carreño, Colombia, is concerned -- as readers of my A Family Album, appearing in a earlier in Junto, might remember - - it is one of three 'Carreño' place sites in the world: Carreño, España; the former Carreño in Cuba (one day I'll know why about the former bit); and Puerto Carreño. It was just odd -- even jarring -- to see it in print.

-- Richard Carreño

Puerto Carreño is the capital city of the department of Vichada in Colombia.
In 1913 the Colombian government created the province of Vichada (comisaria) and a place for its capital was decided at the convergence of rivers Orinoco and Meta. The city was named after Pedro Maria Carreno, a government officer. The "municipio" (similar to county in the US) was created in 1954. On July 5, 1991, Vichada's status was updated to "departamento" under the Colombian Constitution and Puerto Carreño was ratified as its capital.

The DANE (Colombian government's bureau for statistics) projected Puerto Carreño's population to be around 10,034 for 2005 based on the 1993 Census. There are some Indian tribes within Puerto Carreño's administrative zone as well.

Economic activity is based on agricultural and ranching activities, fishing, and mining. There is some international trading activities as Venezuela is just across the Orinoco River.
Alcaldia de Puerto Carreño