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Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Original New Yorker Covers Available

Original New Yorker Magazine Covers for Framing -
$4 each

From @philabooks+booksellers philadelphia + los

Own an ORIGINAL cover of The New Yorker at a
fraction of the cost of that sold elsewhere.
These covers are in great condition from the 70s,
80s, and 90s. Individually wrapped in plastic,
suitable for framing.

$4.00 for One Cover
$15.00 for Four

We can't guarantee that every cover date is
available. But e-mail, or telephone your request,
as per date, artist, or subject matter.

Small Print: Because quantities are limited,
selections will be made on a rand0m basis if your
choices are not available. Shipping and handling
charges are extra, at $2.00 for your first cover
and $1.00 extra for each additional cover/s.
Please send cheques, payable to R.D. Carreño, to
@philabooks+booksellers, Box 1312, 1919 Chestnut
Street, Philadelphia PA 19103. Any cover art
displayed is for illustration purposes only.

@philabooks+booksellers philadelphia + los
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+215.563.6779, or via philabooks@yahoo.com

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