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Friday, 12 August 2005

War Notes

'Pulling the troops out now would send a terrible signal to the enemy.' George W. Bush, 11 August, 2005.

If you were around, as I was, it's awfully chilling when listening to W. It's Lyndon B. Johnson, our other favourite war President, all over again. Not only has W. adopted LBJ's panhandle twang, he's even swiped the Vietnam playbook for excuses. (See above).

Stop the War! Get out now!

Bin Laden Note
This one is going around. Bin Laden wanted Bush to know that he was still around. So he sent a note to W in his own hand. Sort like rubbing it in.

The note said, cryptically:

'37OHSSV OO773H'

That was it. Of course, W was clueless. 'Hey, Condi,' he said. 'What do you make of this?' On it went, to Rumsfeld, the FBI, even to the CIA. No one could devine the meaning.
Finally, the NSA sent the note to MI5, in London.

A message promptly came back, 'Bush is reading the message upside down. Have him turn it right side up.'