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Saturday, 27 August 2005

O'Hara Society Announces Member Drive

Group Devoted to Author Offers Free Membership

The newly-formed John O'Hara Society (JOHS), based in Philadelphia, has announced a membership drive, offering free membership to all devoutés of the novelist and short-story writer.

O'Hara, best known as a short-story writer for The New Yorker, was born in Pottsville, PA, in 1905 and died in Princeton, NJ, in 1970. The world-wide group describes O'Hara as 'Pennsylvania's pre-eminent contemporary author and America's greatest short-story writer.'

The Society's website (OHaraSociety.blogspot.com) acts as a catalog raisoné, detailing O'Hara-related events and activities. The JOHS 'celebrates the life and works of the author and 'publishes and diffuses work by and about' O'Hara, according to the organisation's corresponding secretary, Richard Carreño. Carreño is also the editor of Junto and the managing partner of @philabooks+booksellers, an on-line bookshop that specialises in works by and about O'Hara.

For more information, Carreño can be reached via JohnOHaraSociety@yahoo.co.uk, or at +(00)1.215.563.6779.

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