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Monday, 15 August 2005

Dear Justine

An Open Letter
Hiddy ho, Justine,

Gosh, dang, Justine, I think you're the greatest! (Like that Girl Guide ruck-sack look too).

But just wondering why you don't employ capital letters in your e-mails. Do you have an e.e. cummings thing? Or, are you just a tad lazy? Sorry about that, but I have noticed -- hush, hush, on the Q-T -- that you're porking out a bit. (Not like I'd communicate this to Junto's 538 readers, or anything.). Of course, you're still sooooo cute. But watch it, babe! Otherwise, I'll have to start writing to Rick Steeves.

Also why are you so gosh dang enthusiastic about everywhere you go? I think farms stink? Don't you, really, really? You know pigs and stuff. (You know what I mean. I don't want to be vulgar. Not with a lady, like you). But watch out about sucking up. Pretty soon people (and you know who they are and what they'll say) might start thinking that you're simply a cute chick babe version of Rick Steeves. (Is he gay, by the way? You're in the LA business. So please advise. This is VERY important to me).

Also, ditch the Daisy May boots. It might be that Marquis de Sade thing. Something that's uncontrollable, a consequence of your unfortunate name (SEX! EVIL!). Think about it.

Incidentally, I know someone here in Philly who's willing to do your hair for free. That's gratis. I hang at Les Deux Magots when I'm in Paree. Let me know when you're around, and fully CAPITALISED, if you know what I mean.Upper case letters are very important to me.

You're so, so cute,

Cheers, Your friend in Christ, +++ (But now defrocked)

Hector Ray from Cuba (No-Che)