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Friday, 29 July 2005

Philadelphia, 29 July 2005.

Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
Of course he's unwell. (Jeff died in 1997). And we're all the poorer for it. That tag line, 'Jeffrey Bernard is unwell,' appeared frequently enough when Jeff could, wouldn't (?), contribute his weekly column to The Spectator. He would be otherwise engaged, of course, at the Coach and Horses. Anyway, I'm provoked to these musings by a bit of current reading, Reach for the Ground:The Downhill Struggle of Jeffrey Bernard, published in 2002 by Duckbacks, a Duckworth imprint. The book's foreward is by Peter O'Toole, who appeared as Bernard in Keith Waterhouse's fabulously succesful play (in London and in, of all places, Buffalo), Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell. So I tooled over to the main branch of the Free Library yesterday, thinking I might find in the script. Indeed, I did. In the computer. But not on the shelf. Help!
-- Richard Carreño

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