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Sunday, 6 March 2005

Op-Ed Rant II

Hartford Courant Op-Ed

I believe that Tuesday Op Ed piece in the Hartford Courant
by Richard Carreno was much more menacing than seems to have been
realized. According to Mr. Carreno technology is not the
solution to fix library information problems, it is the problem
itself. He not only believes that library trustees will never
vote to raise taxes to provide the money ($200.00) to subscribe
to the information highway (CSUNET), he believes that they
shouldn't try.

He claims that when a State Library report calls on
libraries to preserve our "history, culture and scholarship" it
didn't mean "classic literature and contemporary fiction". In
his short piece he mentions the Clinton administration or Vice
President Gore 8 times as the sinister force behind all this
technology stuff outrage.

At one time we could laugh at his irrational ideas, but now
the people who would believe him are in power. They can hardly
wait to cut funding for libraries now that technology is exposed
as an evil plot of Al Gore.

I remember smiling after a reading an article that proved
that bar codes were a sign of the apocalypse and had the name of
the devil, 666, secretly encoded on them. I'm not smiling
Peter Chase


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