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Sunday, 6 March 2005

Op-Ed Rant I

Re: Hartford Courant Op-Ed

 I believe that Tuesday Op Ed piece in the Hartford Courant
by Richard Carreno was much more menacing than seems to have been
realized... In his short piece he mentions the Clinton administration
or Vice President Gore 8 times as the sinister force behind all this
technology stuff outrage.

Peter Chase

Peter: The CONNTECH posting of Carreno's OpEd piece (Hart Cour
Dec. 27, 1994, p. A9) was an abridged version . Would you, or would
anyone else, add the missing portions to the article and re-post
the entire thing to the list?

While Carreno's piece is menacing, it's written by a worried
man, a library trustee who has just spent a lot of money building
a new library with too little consideration of the new
information technologies. He's on the defensive. Unfortunately,
and you may disagree with me here, it is not the time to be
building new traditional hometown public libraries. In many
ways our libraries, as we have come to know and love them, are
going, going, gone.

It's not pleasant to write that, but it has to be said, so
we can start reshaping ourselves. Carreno's one good idea is
the concept of electronic hub libraries, regional sites which
could serve as technological training centers and showcases.
Resources would be consolidated and shared--our hometown
libraries would be connected to these hubs, individuals
could connect from home as well. Interactive television,
distance learning, and two-way video-conferencing are
are all possibilities too, and the sort of stuff we
should already be looking into (see WSJ Nov. 21, 1994 p. 1
"Many Rural Regions Are Growing Again; A Reason: Technology).

Sure, anyone can write: hear me, hear me, great changes must be
made! And then quietly sink back into the crowd. Let's
not do that. Peter, I know you've been around (in the
nicest sense), consider directing us in what has
to be done to get the funding for this concept of the
electronic hub (regional) library. How does one approach
the feds on this, the state, all the big shots. Peter,
just what is the path to electronic enlightenment?

Show us the way, my friend!

Joe Cadieux

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