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Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Junto Book Review: Religion and Nation

Religion and Nation, Kathryn Spellman, 240 pages.
About 75,000 Iranians emigrated to Britain after the 1979 revolution and the creation of the Islamic Republic. They are politically, religiously, socio-economically, and ethnically heterogeneous, and have found themselves in still an ongoing process of settlement.

This book explores facets of this process by examining how religious traditions and practices have been maintained, negotiated, and rejected by Iranians from Muslim backgrounds and how they have served as identity-building vehicles during the migration. This, in particular, in relation to the political, economic, and social situation in Iran and Britain. While the book's ethnographic focus is on Iranians, Religion and Nation -- many years in the making -- also touches on the more general questions associated with the process of migration, transnational societies, Diasporas, as they are related to religious and ethnic minorities.

Spellman received a master's and a doctorate in politics and sociology from Birbeck College, University of London, where she is now Honorary Research Fellow. She is a lecturer of sociology at Huron International University, London, and at Syracuse University, at its London campus. Spellman is also a Visiting Research Fellow in the Centre of Migration Studies Department, University of Sussex.

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