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Friday, 5 November 2004

RIP: Pierre Salinger

Pierre Salinger, 79
Met Saligner twice. Once in Paris, when I was a student at the American University. He was a University trustee at the time. It was around 1967. I remember the occasion as informal, as usual in the basement of the American Cathedral in Quai D'Orsay. He was cheery, delightful, and gay -- before he joined ABC News in Paris. Good value.
The second time was in Philadelphia in 1997 at the old Borders in Walnut Street. Went with Mom, where we met Anita, who turned us on to the Wm Penn House. (Another story). Anway, this time Salinger was sullen, awkward -- in the conspiracy phase that downed his career. He read for a few mins, and took off. I took a few snaps, but didn't bother to talk to him. 

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