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Tuesday, 22 June 2004


One of the biggest reasons travellers overpack relates to the mistaken belief that they need, at a minimum, an ''ensemble'' for each day on the road. Seven days. Seven ''outfits,'' and so on. Humbug! Often the best way to pack is not pack at all. Buy clothes whilst away. Not everything, of course. But why not stock up on socks, underwear, shirts, etc.?
Alternatively, wear it and wash it. That was some advice passed down from my Dad, an early pioneer in business travel to South America.
The result? I never pack for more than seven changes. Actually, six, since I'll wear the seventh. Six pairs of underwear, socks, etc. Far less for trousers, of course. So, despite the duration of the trip, I pack for a week. (Less than a week? Adjust accordingly).
Thus packed, I simply wash en route. I rarely use hotel laundry services. Too quirky. Often, too expensive. Wash, instead, and borrow an iron from reception of from the conceirge.
In Europe, buy washing powder at the local grocery. If travelling off the beaten path, bring your own powder. (Small boxes are available at CVS).
Where to wash? Depending on amount, a sink or bathtub will usually do. As for drying, overnight on a shower rod always does the trick. 

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