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Saturday, 21 February 2004

''Hidalgo,'' Directed by Joe Johnston; Written by John Fusco; with Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif; Produced by Touchstone Pictures, PG-13. Breaking 5 March in USA.
Based loosely on the life of long-distance rider Frank T. Hopkins (Mortensen), who was born at Ft. Laramie, WY., shortly after the Civil War. Hidalgo (Spanish for 'Gentleman´ and the name of Hopkins´ most-prized mustang) is ''an epic action-adventure and one man´s journey of personal redemption,'' according to the producers. That´s a result of Hopkins´participation, in 1890, as the first Westerner to ride in the centuries'-old, 3,000-mile Ocean of Fire, a grueling endurance race that was held in what is now Saudi Arabia.