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Friday, 27 January 2017


'Born as a girl in this land is a proof of her physical and mental strengths since she is young. It is so different from boys. The society is biased towards male. Families are encouraged by the custom to have a boy rather than a girl. There I saw a young girl in a tiny village. She walked and carried two clay pots on her head. It looked like she was accustomed to this but the pots seemed heavy. She looked at me while I took a photo of her. I guessed it might be the first time of her life to be photographed.' -- Udom Wanjing

Udom Wanjing is an award-winning independent artist and a guest lecturer teaching art in many universities in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was selected by Kasikorn Bank in Thailand to design an addition to honor the heroism of the Thai Army.
In 2003, he exhibited his works in an exhibition at Salle Nougaro (Airbus) in Tulus, France. A year later he brought traditional Thai painting to exhibit at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm. In 2015, and again in 2016, he visited India, and sketched his impressions, oil pastel on cotton. He also works with charcoal on canvas.  -- Janine Yasovant [WC News Service]