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Wednesday, 10 December 2014



It was created when buying in 1853 by the Company of Paris railway in Saint-Germain -led Pereire brothers , Boufflers Castle and its grounds (the work of Jules Hardouin-Mansart ) to the Montmorency family , to achieve the Gare d'Auteuil . The villa consists of fifty houses was built in 1860 according to the plans of architect Théodore Charpentier.  This private area of "single family homes campaign and accreditation" has rules condominium strict and binding defined in the context of a trade association that manages all since 1853 . A guard at the entrance controls access by checking the permissions to enter. The architectural style recalls the General seaside villas of Deauville or Arcachon late XIX th  century .

The property prices are very high in this area, because of the many houses with remarkable architecture that compose and especially its privacy it a refuge for many high net worth individuals.

People living or have lived in the Villa Montmorency 

And Francoise and Jean-Paul Espinasse.