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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Nisachol Chompupan

Phare, Thailand
My artwork stems from my faith in the gods Mahadev, Mahadevi  and my fascination with religious Hindu Stone Carvings. The Stone Carvings found in the temples often reflect devotion towards eternal birth and tantric ideologies.
                   The Yoni which represents female fertility and  the goddess Uma Devi often appears beside a Lingum: a symbolic representation of male fertility, and also the Lord Shiva. This coexistence portrays the natural creative power of a woman. These two symbols are usually represented together  and   are inseparable. They belong to a time and place where everything stands still except for the notion of time and birth. Earth's fertility, it's diverse wildlife and plants exist through the union of the male and female energy.
                   The Lingum and theYoni which symbolize both male and female genitalia is a partnership of balance. They help support and feed off each other's energy, thus creating the birth of the human race. This coexistence suggests the power of support and encouragement from women that lends itself to the success of a man.
                   The expressionistic approach in my paintings reveal a direct truth towards internal emotions. The layers and overlapping of shapes in my paintings resemble relationships and endless motion. The bold-free strokes refer directly to my emotions and thoughts. It is an artistic response towards my feeling without any limitations. 

(Nisachol Chompupan is a Thai artist who lives in Phare, Thailand).