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Monday, 5 August 2013

Thai-Landscapes ... and Nudes



Chiang Mai, Thailand

This city, in northern Thailand, surrounded by mountain peaks, is a national City of Heritage for Arts and the former home to sculpture and painter Visoot Chareonporn, who I interviewed several times before he died of cancer almost three years ago. Chareonporn graduated from Silpakorn University in Bangkok, where he was a student of Silip Bhirasri. Some of his Chareonporn's are included in this photo gallery. (See images above and below).

Some of Chareonporn's most significant works are of the Ancient City in Samut Prakan Province in central Thailand. He spent many years there in a place that is considered a 'doorway' to the heritage of ancient Thai wisdom. With the use of a wide range of architectural symbols, Chareonporn also combines fine arts, craftsmanship, structural layout and a natural environment that integrate harmoniously.

The Ancient City's slogan is 'Just a visit to the Ancient City is comparable to a daylong trip around Thailand.' 

Chareonporn and his family finally settled here almost twenty years ago. He teaches and judges art competitions from time to time. Bi-annually, he shows his work in a Solo Art Exhibition at the Chiang Mai University Art Museum and at at Rajamankala University. He has been singled out for praise for his oils on canvass of nudes and landscapes. Many of these works have been shown in Japan, where they regularly fetch prices between $3,500 and $18,000.

I find is work, emphazising a brilliant use of brush strokes and dots, simply stunning. His themes are like fairy tales.

Some of these paintings are in my art gallery here.