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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fly on the Wall

Toronto Primer
Hockey Schtick
[Writers Clearinghouse News Service]

Toronto has the longest street for any city in the world, from Lake Erie to Victoria, BC. The city came about as the nation set up from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is like no other city in the Americas, yet it stands out as a top city in the New World. It is quite cosmopolitan and distinctly an Anglo Saxon society worthy of the British Commonwealth,  its compatriot cities, New York, Sydney, and London.

Its people are unique as well. There is no mistaking that you are in the USA or Australia. It’s guarded by the RCMP –  Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It is bilingual and enjoys a diverse immigration from the outside of the Americas.  They call their pre-Columbian Cultures the First Nation.

Upon arrival, the US tourist gets the first example of being an outsider. Canadians come first. The authorities want you to visit but not to overstay your welcome.

Toronto, as the rest of Canada, is driven by hockey. Hockey has no sporting rival except for Olympic curling. Toronto and Canadian sport bars and taverns are jam packed during the season, watching their team play. Every young boy has his rites of passage on the ice skating rink.

Toronto is Canada'S biggest and key city. Two thirds of the country's the population live from Ontario East. The capitol is in Ottawa and further East is French Quebec, which France lost in the battle of on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City more than 250 years ago.

The French wanted Montreal as the main center for business, but Toronto won out. Ontario itself comprises of more than 50 percent of the Canadian. market. The whole Canadian population is the same size as the state of California, and yet Canada has more territory than the USA.

It's not that Canadians don't like American, they just do not want to be called Americans. We share the same language and many of our social protocols are similar.

Toronto is on Lake Erie, a place shared with the USA. If you go east of Toronto you go into wine country and borders with American Finger Lakes wine region. The Ice Wine today is in high demand; not only in Canada but around the world.

Because of its bilingual bent, it is fun to turn on the TV and find program in English and in French. During the last Olympics when Canada won the hockey gold medal against the USA, it unified all Canadians as the No 1 hockey nation.
{When he's not writing as Don Merlot, he's Ron Alonzo and he lives in New Orleans).