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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Books Received

What's Your Number? In theatres, 30 September 2011
What's Your Number?, No Zero

What's Your Number?
Orginally pubished as 20 Times a Lady
By Karyn Bosnak
Harper Paperbacks (ISBN: 9780062062628)
368 pp

Available from @philabooks|booksellers specially priced at $9.99

[Special to Writers Clearinghouse News Service]
The hilarious novel 20 Times a Lady is being re-released to correspond with the new Regency Enterprises feature film, starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, to be in theatres 30 September. What's Your Number? is a debut novel by Karyn Bosnak, author Saving Karyn. When the New York Post runs a sex survey that 'the average person has 10.5 sexual partners in their lifetime,' twenty-nine-year-old single Deliah Darling, renamed Ally in the film, freaks out since her number is already almost double that amount. The article warns that those with more than twenty sex partners risk fiunding true love. Ally is propelled on a quest to find the best 'ex' of her life -- by any means necessary.