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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Books Received

Stuffed Animals, Mean Streets

By Annie Weiss
[Harper Collins Publishers]

The third book in Tim Davys’ Mollisan Town quartet, TOURQUAI ((Harper/HarperCollins Publishers; $19.99/$25.99 Can; ISBN 13: 9780061797453; on-sale 2/15/2011) follows the fictional neighborhood of the same name, which is inhabited by stuffed animals that are neither cuddly nor sweet. Oswald Vulture, a rich and powerful finance mogul, is one of these stuffed animals. When he is found beheaded in his office, it sets off a chain of events for the stuffed animal citizens of Mollisan Town that questions whether they are free or whether they are ruled by destiny.

In TOURQUAI, Superintendent Larry Bloodhound is the keeper of the peace and ruler of the streets. But what he soon learns is that some rich stuffed animals–animals whose place amongst the elite wield them power and money-are often above the law. The day Oswald Vulture is found headless in his pristine office on the top floor of the most impressive building in Mollisan Town, Bloodhound knows this will not be a normal murder investigation.

Along with his team-Anna Lynx and Falcon Ecu–and with the help of his closest friend and private investigator Phillip Mouse, Bloodhound must infiltrate the world of the privileged, face his own weaknesses, find Vulture’s head, and solve the case. But which animal could have removed the head so precisely if no one was seen entering or leaving Vulture’s office? The suspects start to build up including Vulture’s slithery and sexy secretary Emanuelle Cobra, his seductive mistress Jasmine Squirrel, and Igor Panda, a stuffed animal whose gambling debts may have pushed him to do the unthinkable.

Like Davys’ previous novels, TOURQUAI weaves together an intricate plot and tackles problems–such as class issues, drug problems, and unrequited love—that reveal greater truths about the world of humans.

About the Author:
Tim Davys is a pseudonym. He or she is the author of Amberville and Lanceheim, the first books in the Mollisan Town quartet, as well as the forthcoming final book, Yok.

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