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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Picasso Breaks Out All Over

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Claire Howard, right
By Richard Carreno
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From Philly to New York, Picasso is breaking out all over.

On the heels of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's wildly successful in-house show of works by Pablo Picasso, 'Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris,' the Metropolitan Museum of Art will also showcase its permanent collection of works by the Spanish artist (1881-1973) in a retrospective that begins 27 April, running to 1 August.

Actually, the Philly and New York exhibits will overlap for a few day as the Philadelphia Museum's show has been extended to 2 May.

Interestingly, both shows also coincides with a show of Picasso prints, now on exhibit through 1 May at the Marlborough Gallery, 40 West 57th Street, New York.

In its current on-line newsletter, the Philadelphia Museum warns, 'Now or never -- don't miss your opportunity to experience this outstanding exhibition!'

The museum also billboards a 'sound bite' from The Wall Street Journal, calling the show, curated by Michael Taylor, as 'smart, informative, witty.' (No mention is made of a New York Times review that was considerably less impressed).

Like the Philly exhibit, the Met's show will also feature pieces from its permanent collection. However, the show will not be limited to a particular timeline, as is the case with the Philly exhibit and the current exhibit at the Marlborough Gallery, titled 'Celebrating the Muse: Women in Picasso's Prints From 1905-1968.'

In a statement, the Met said, 'The exhibition encompasses the key subjects foir which Picasso is so well known....'

Includes will be 300 works, featuring 34 paintings, 58 drawings, a dozen sculptures and ceramics, and an extensive selection of prints.

The Met show also differs from the Philadelphia Museum exhibit in that it will not skimp by not offering a show catalog. (This was a major flaw in the Philly show in that it undermined scholarship). The Met catalog is funded by the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation.

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Golden Girl
A celebration of the return of the statue of Jeanne D'Arc, the golden girl of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, will begin at 2 pm Thursday, 22 April, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Kicking off the event will be a tour of the museum's Arms and Armor Collection, followed at 3 pm by a bus ride to the Perelman Building, where champagne and cakes will be served. At 4 pm, the restored, newly-bronzed sculpture of of Joan of Arc, created by Eugene Fremiet, will be unveiled.

Speaking at this ceremony will be Mayor Michael Nutter; Margot Berg, Philadelphia Public Art Director; and Julia Ward and Valerie de Conde, both of French Heritage Philadelphia.

Philly's Jeanne D'Arc statue is one of three that I know of. Another in New Orleans. And one in Paris.

See you at the ceremony. Look me up!

Picasso blog
The museum has created a dedicated blog to the Picasso show. Earlier this month, Claire Howard (see featured photo) was showcased as curatorial research assistant to modern art curator Michael Taylor.

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