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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Told You So

Times Ties in with
Non-profits for Regional News

'Why the Internet Heralds the New Newspaper,' (see sidebar at right) appeared in Junto at BroadStreet Review.com in late 2008.

The article included some predictions and recommendations concerning how local media might confron Internet competition (creation of down-sized weeklies) and how national newspapers, like The New York Times, might exploit regional news needs by creating regional zoned editions, eg. a Philadelphia edition.

The reaction was explosive. E-mails suggested that I was encouraging the demise of the local print media, eg. The Inquirer. Sure, I took some shots at the Inky, and I'd be happy to back them up today. But my points regarding how The Inquirer might be better off as a weekly and how The Times might fill a daily news vacuum in Philadelphia elicited the greatest fury -- from loyal Inky readers and from Inquirer editors.

Vernon Loeb, managing editor of something or another, fulminated in an e-mail and, in a coup de grace, he cancelled his Facebook 'friend ' affiliation with me. Ouch!

News Alert!
On 22 January, The Times reported that it's engaged with non-profits news organizations in San Francisco and Chicago to establish regional editions of the newspaper.

'Our aim is to roll out expanded local reports in several key markets around the country, working with local journalists and news organizations in a collaborative way,' The Times said.

Key market? Philadelphia?

Sorry, Vernon. Really missing you as a 'friend.'

-- Richard Carreno