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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pixies Meet

Junto Photo: Richard Carreño
Show Off Your Photos

The The Philadelphia Conference invites all photographers to share their favorite images of 2009 for the annual Photo Night year in review group slide show. Please follow these rules to help make the slideshow construction go smoothly.

  • All images must have been made during 2009.
  • All images must be sized 10 inches on the longest size by 200dpi.
  • All images must be saved as a jpg and compressed at 10max.
  • All images need to have the photographer's name in the file name and a numerical sequence. (Example: dmaialetti001 for David Maialetti's first image.)
  • All images must be submitted on CD/DVD. Please label the disk with your name and email address.

    Send the disk to David Maialetti by December 31, 2009

    Send all disks to: David Maialetti, Philadelphia Daily News, 400 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19130

    The group slide show will be shown at the Pen & Pencil Club in January. The date will be announced shortly. Please share this email with friends and colleagues.