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Monday, 16 November 2009


Whether or not you have, I urge you to really consider buying anything from the store.

It is really odd that a major store chain would choose to support such a sensitive issue, and it has already alienated them from thousands of potential customers. Even if you are not a keen supporter of hunting, you should find it wrong that it chooses to directly fund what has i the past, and in many cases still is, an almost militant group.

Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance says : "We are aware that Lush supports animal rights charities, and I am sure they are upset that the Hunting Act has failed. Whilst we support the view that everyone has their right to an opinion, there are groups who legally oppose hunting, and the HSA [Hunt Saboteurs Association] is not one of them."

Please do not indulge the comany in their ignorance and think twice before buying your friends and family Lush toileteries this Christmas and in future.

As always, I hope you take an opportunity to create as much publicity about this group as possible- the internet is one of the most important mediums of communication, and we need to find all the support we can in order that people may recognise our cause, which by the way is possibly the largest of its type on any popular website- invite as many of your friends as possible (I know it takes a little time for people to start a 'causes' link on their page, but assure them it is very important, and very little time in the scheme of things...!), and spread the word!

Have fun in the new season and continue as always to stay on the good side of the law.

Many thanks,

Edward Ponti
Administrator, Facebook Foxhunting Cause