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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

National Observer Redux

New Christian Science Monitor
-- Weekly

The Monitor gets it. No longer viable as daily (five-day weeker) print tab, the paper this year abandoned its print format to concentrate solely on its Web edition, This week, the paper has also announced a weekly print edition -- which looks an awful like the late, great Dow Jones weekly, The National Obsever (in tab format).
Just today, on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle (great name for a crusty, gamey sort of guy), suggested that it might be a good idea if the troubled Boston Globe to switch to a weekend weekly.
Some months ago, I proposed the same for The Philadelphia Inquirer in an essay via BroadStreetReview.com. Heresy? Vernon Loeb, an Inky managing editor, dropped me as a 'friend' at my Writers Clearinghouse Facebook page. Touchy. Touchy. Of course, that's the same out-of-touch Loeb who thinks the Inky is going to go on doing the same-old same-old, and 'monetize' that lame effort on the Web.
--- RDC