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Monday, 9 March 2009

No Fish Story

Installation,right; Jonathan Henretig,, left; the Hobbit, right

Junto Photos/Richard Carreño

'Installation' Art Gets Début at Highwire
Jonathan Henretig, a member of Highwire Gallery, one of Fishtown's growing number of artist display spaces, last week débuted a new work of his 'installation' art, a kind of 'living' sculpture of found objects from nature, wood logs,flowers, moss -- and thanks to his mother Marnie Henretig who provided refreshments -- some fresh strawberries, as well. No one touched the fruit; seemingly it became part of the work.

Interestingly, the installation was both an indoor (mostly) and an outdoor display, highlighting, according to Henretig, the versatility of the artwork and its display space. Henretig pushed up the log statute, a kind of Hobbit's dream house, up against the gallery's window pane. Yet more of the installation, flowed 'through' the window to the outside pavement on Frankford Avenue.

Henretig, a 2000 graduate of Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts, has been a Highwire member since last year. The gallery, at 2040 Frankford Avenue, is managed by Stephen Iwanezuk, whose own work in computer-generated art is also on display.

Iwanezuk's has a kind of mystifying and intriguing title as an associate professor of digital and cognitive design and communications at Drexel University. He also has a gig at the University of the Arts. In a way, he could have also been -- like the strawberries -- an ad hoc addition to Henretig's wood scene. Hobbit, anyone? (See photograph).

(Jonathan Henretig's installation will be on display at Highwire until 29 March. For further details, go to www.highwiregallery.com, or ring 215.426.2685).