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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Is Tina Brown Back at The New Yorker?
Eustace Tilley Isn't Amused

Was David Remnick away on holiday?

Was Tina subbing?

Is there any other explaination of the Barack and Michele Obama cover in this week's New Yorker? The cover of Barack and Michele Obama dressed like terrorists is reminscient provacative cover designs during Tina Brown's editorship: shock covers, lacking in wit, satire, and/or humour. (Remember the Hassidic Jew passionately kissing/embracing a Muslim woman?)

The current cover is misdirected. Its satire backfires. The 'joke' is on Obama, rather it being on the perpetrators of the terrorist canard, say, Fox News.

Memo to David: You are urgently needed at the office. Close up the place on Martha's Vineyard. She's back again!


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