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Monday, 16 June 2008

Montréal Dining: II

According to my mind -- and my tastebuds -- L'Express is arguably the finest restaurant -- and best value for money -- in Monty.

R.W. 'Johnny Apple Jr., the late, great writer for The New York Times and gastronome extraordinaire, had this to say:

'A sliver of a room where the buzz never stops. With marble tables, mirrored walls, and checkerboard tiles, it convincingly evokes 1930s paris. The food is up to snuff, too: pot-au-feu with marrow bones, calf's liver with tarragon, onglet with frites, and floating island worthy of grand-mère.'
Two hints and one alert: Skip the sweetbreads. (They're not good for you, anyway). Check out the floating island. (Throw caution to the wind). Finding the restaurant on your first outing can be initially a wee daunting. There's no exterior sign. Its name is emblazed in the pavement.

Other top choices:

Le Steak frites St-Paul
There are several venues of this BYO chain in the city. Among the best two are sites in rue St.-Antione and, in the Old City, in rue St.-Paul.
Les 3 Brasseurs
Another chain, noted for on-site brewing of specialty beers. Moderately priced, with a brasserie menu. Ask for Isabelle, if you visit the site at 1356 rue Ste.-Cathereine, O. She is Is-a-beauty, and a excellent server, as well.