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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

For the Record

Contact Details, Etc.

Your comments on specific articles are always welcome. Just post them by clicking to 'comment' at the end of the article in question.

For general comments, e-mail the Editor at Junto.Charivari@yahoo.co.uk. It is assumed that all comments, letters, communicatons are submitted for publication -- unless otherwise noted by the author. Generally, publication of critical and controversial rebuttals, though highly encouraged, requires that the author be identified in the posting.

For general enquiries, telephone +(00) during business hours EST (USA).

Junto encourages the submission of articles related to its areas of interest (See'About Us'). These should be submitted by e-mail. If guidelines are required, please contact the Editor by e-mail or telephone. Generally, this requires that editoral submissions be embargoed, for exclusive publication in Junto, for 90 days, whereupon full rights revert to the author.

All contributions to Junto are subject to editing, revision, and/or rejection.