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Friday, 28 December 2007

I Didn't Know That

On The Road
No great mystery. A Canadian documentary company in Toronto is doing a TV program on the Sept. 29, 2006, mid-air collision in Brazil, and I agreed to be interviewed as the only survivor free to talk. We have a house in Tucson, where I am working on a book and a movie project (now on hold). I also sometimes travel specifically on assignment for the Times. It's all grist for the column.
Joe Sharkey, The New York Times

I'm a fan of 'On the Road,' and I enjoy your responses to travel quandries.
What puzzles me is 'what' takes you on the road. Is it travel for travel's sake so you can develop first hand the themes you explore in the column? I'm always wondering WHY you are heading from one place to another. For example, why were you in Tucson, heading to Toronto? Yes, a meeting. But what kind of meeting? Some background would help, I think.

Richard Carreno